Perfect for automating the opening of individual rooms, the entrance door, the garage, access bars, sliding gates

For all electric locks / strikes

Designed to be inserted in a 503e cassette, it connects without a control unit to the Wi-Fi

It always works

If Wi-Fi is not available it continues to work in Bluetooth automatically

Highly customizable

Designed and built internally, customizable for specific needs

79 .99

Opens a single login

99 .99

It opens 2 different entrances, such as hall and entrance gate

The purchase of the switch allows the remote opening by the operator, without any software subscription

Simple and flexible plans

Rate plans for all needs, from the basic version to the maximum automation of the entire process from check-in to check-out


Per month, for each room

Manage your check-ins in a simple and effective way

  • Control dashboard

  • Booking calendar

  • Virtual reception

  • Automatic sending of documents


Per month, for each room

All the benefits of the digital plan and the keys are no longer needed

*Purchase XDOM switch required
  • All the advantages of the digital plan

  • Remote opening

  • Guests open themselves

  • Control of excesses carried out


Per month, for each room

Synchronize your bookings without the Channel Manager

*Purchase XDOM SWTICH required
  • All the advantages of the digital plan

  • All the benefits of the Basic plan

  • Direct synchronization with OTAs

  • The complete solution


Quick accesses


Easy communication




Loved by guests

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How does SWITCH work?

Once installed, the XDOM module must be configured at first use via the official XDOM BNB app.
During the configuration, a Wi-Fi network must be set up to which the device can connect. This operation takes a couple of minutes and must be carried out only once, once finished it will be possible to open the lock remotely immediately.

Which locks can it be attached to?

The switch can be connected to all types of electric locks, from simple electrical locks to more complex electromechanical locks.

Who will take care of the installation?

Installation can be done by a qualified electrician, we can send one of our technicians or provide remote assistance.
Installation at the facility is the responsibility of the buyer.

I have the classic lock with the key, how should I proceed?

To install the XDOM BNB SWITCH door opener, you will need to implement the electrical system to connect it to the electromechanical openings.
As regards the lock of the access door, there are various options: if you already have an electrified lock you will simply have to connect it; if, on the other hand, you have a normal mechanical lock, you can have it replaced or accompanied by a suitable one.
If you prefer the smart cylinder, you just have to replace the one already present with the smart cylinder, making sure that the lock is compatible with a European profile cylinder.

Is it possible to try the app?

Yes, download the app and use these credentials
email: demo
password: demo

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